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  • The purpose of Software Project Planning is to establish reasonable plans for performing the software engineering and for managing the software project.

  • Software Project Planning involves developing estimates for the work to be performed, establishing the necessary commitments, and defining the plan to perform the work.

  • The software planning begins with a statement of the work to be performed and other constraints and goals that define and bound the software project (those established by the practices of the Requirements Management key process area). The software planning process includes steps to estimate the size of the software work products and the resources needed, produce a schedule, identify and assess software risks, and negotiate commitments. Iterating through these steps may be necessary to establish the plan for the software project (i.e., the software development plan).

  • This plan provides the basis for performing and managing the software project's activities and addresses the commitments to the software project's customer according to the resources, constraints, and capabilities of the software project.

  • What is Project Planning ?

  • Project Planning is an aspect of Project Management that focuses a lot on Project Integration. The project plan reflects the current status of all project activities and is used to monitor and control the project.

  • The Project Planning tasks ensure that various elements of the Project are coordinated and therefore guide the project execution.

  • Project Planning helps in :

  • Facilitating communication

  • Monitoring/measuring the project progress, and Provides overall documentation of assumptions/planning decisions

  • The Project Planning Phases can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Development of the Project Plan

  • Execution of the Project Plan

  • Change Control and Corrective Actions

  • Why is it important?

  • “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Project planning is crucial to the success of the Project. Careful planning right from the beginning of the project can help to avoid costly mistakes. It provides an assurance that the project execution will accomplish its goals on schedule and within budget.

  • What are the steps in Project Planning?

  • Project Planning spans across the various aspects of the Project. Generally Project Planning is considered to be a process of estimating, scheduling and assigning the projects resources in order to deliver an end product of suitable quality. However it is much more as it can assume a very strategic role, which can determine the very success of the project. A Project Plan is one of the crucial steps in Project Planning in General!

  • Typically Project Planning can include the following types of project Planning:

  • Project Scope Definition and Scope Planning

  • Project Activity Definition and Activity Sequencing

  • Time, Effort and Resource Estimation

  • Risk Factors Identification

  • Cost Estimation and Budgeting

  • Organizational and Resource Planning

  • Schedule Development

  • Quality Planning

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Project Plan Development and Execution

  • Performance Reporting

  • Planning Change Management

  • Project Rollout Planning